Frequently asked questions

What area do you service?

We service most of Northern and Central New Jersey. Specifically, Somerset, Hunterdon, Morris, Union, Middlesex, Warren, Sussex, Monmouth, and Essex Counties, and the Lehigh Valley. If you don't see your area listed here, please ask. We are constantly growning.

Can you stage a vacant house?

Yes! We have our own inventory. Click here for more info.

Do you stage occupied houses?

Yes! We can stage with your own furnishing and even bring in some items to embellish if needed. Click here for more info and here to see before and after pictures of staged occupied homes.

I'd like to stage my house myself. Can you tell me what to do?

Yes. We offer a DIY staging consultation. Click here for more information.

How do you work?

We provide a number of serivces which you can see here. The easiest way to start is to contact us for your no cost/no obligation first visit. We will view the home and together we can determine a direction and review package pricing.

My Realtor says I need to declutter. Can you help?

Yes, we can show you what needs to be de-cluttered and if you need our help, our Home Preppers staging team can provide hands-on services.

Visitors always say my house is beautiful. Why do I need to stage?

Decorating a home for beauty and enjoyment is different than staging a home. When we stage, we must create an envioronment that appeals to the greatest number of potential buyers and evokes emotion in them. The end goal is to sell the house quickly for the highest price possible. Think of it as a marketing tactic.

Isn't staging expensive?

According to Internation Association of Home Staging Professionals, home staging provides a return on investment of over 500%, and the US Housing and Urband Develpment says staged homes sell for 17% higher on average. Can you afford NOT to stage?