It's estimated that

only 10% of buyers

can visualize the potential of a home.

Home Preppers can help.

Occupied Home Staging Services

D.I.Y. Staging Consultation

If you would like to do the staging work yourself, Home Preppers will provide you with an individualized detailed report on what to do to prepare your home for sale. We will detail the paint color options, furniture placement, curb appeal suggestions, décor placement, and overall de-cluttering suggestions.

Hands-on Staging

With a Full Staging Service, we provide you with a proposal for the Home Prepper Staging Team to do the staging for you. We will also specify and coordinate our preferred contractors for repairs, renovations, landscaping, and painting if needed. ​


During our initial no cost/no obligation first visit, we will view your home. Then we will then create a plan and submit to you a proposal for your approval. We always strive to work within your budget and your time frame.

Value Enhancing Profile

Not quite ready to stage? The Value Enhancing Profile is a great place to start for the homeowner or new investor. Our VEP will get you started on strategic improvements you can make to your home to uncover hidden equity and increase the value of the home.


Before you paint...before you make those updates to your kitchen and us to be sure the money you are investing in your home will actually bring you a return. 

Color Consultation

A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference and provides a great return on investment for homeowners. Although savvy homeowners know painting walls a neutral color is a "must," choosing the right neutral can be tricky. Colors look different in different lighting and color trends change. The neutral colors used even a few years ago can be out of style and add to the "datedness" of the home. We can help you choose just the right color for your home that will have your potential buyers saying "Wow!"


If you are not in our service area or just need minimal direction on how to increase the value of your home, but would still like to utilize the Home Preppers Method of staging, this option is for you. With the iPrep, we can give you some guidance on staging and direction on making the right improvements by using your pictures of your home. 


Here's how it works: you send us pictures of the interior and exterior of your home and we will make recommendations on how you should improve or stage the home. We can also offer phone consultations to answer your questions. The iPrep includes up to 5 rooms, 1 exterior view, and a 30-minute phone consultation. Contact us for more information.

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