How to Stage a Bedroom with Minimal Expense

When staging a bedroom, it is not always necessary to buy all new items, especially if it is not the master bedroom. In most cases you can transform a room using your own furnishings and adding in a few new items. Your first step is to clear the space of clutter and excess decor. Staging" is the process AFTER you de-clutter, so once the clutter or excess decor is removed, you can start defining the space, updating, and giving it some emotional appeal. The room pictured is one we staged with minimal expense.

  • Choose a focal point wall. Typically this is the wall you face when you stand at the door looking into the room. In the room pictured, we moved both beds to the focal point wall. It makes sense that the dresser would go on the opposing wall since the other wall in the picture has windows.

  • Bring in the nightstands. If you have two beds, like we did, place one nightstand between the beds, which is traditional.

  • Add a new lamp with a touch of bling for an updated look.

  • An accent chair adds a bit of function, comfort, and color to the room. In the room pictured, we placed a chair in the corner of the room on an angle. The room was large, it needed the chair to fill the space.

  • Update the bedding. In our example, the bedding was floral, which is a bit "dated." At second look, we found that the underside of the the bedding was a butter color. No new bedding needed! We did, however, introduced some new, inexpensive pillow cases in two slightly different colors, and added a ruffle pillow to dress it up a bit. Don't forget a dust ruffle. You do not want to see the ugly bed frame.

  • Add art. Typically we would add a piece of art above each bed, however, since the headboards were somewhat ornate, we decided any art we placed above them would be to much detail. We did add some art over the dressers to tie all the colors together.

  • Update window treatments. In the "before" picture, you can see how dark the room is. Even sheers can block enough light to make the room look dark. We removed the shade and swag, and pulled the sheers open. Now the natural light shines in and you have a lovely window with a lovely view.

Teresa Costantino is owner and founder of Home Preppers, a home staging company based in New Jersey. Teresa has spent her career in real estate as a top-producing Realtor, a home stager, and an investor. She has a passion for all things real estate and enjoys helping sellers uncover hidden equity and shorten marketing times. She juggles her time between managing her company, being a wife to her husband, and being mom to her 4 children.

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