Staging the Home Office

Is your home office the most cluttered and unorganized room in your house? With the endless piles of papers and bills, most people would like to just close the door and walk away hoping most potential home buyers will understand or simply skip that room.

That is not the case! Potential buyers will want to view every room in the home. and messy or disorganized rooms distract from the overall quality of the home. With the trend of more people working from home, office spaces are more important than ever. Having a home office is a selling feature. Staging that home office will create that functional and organized space home buyers are looking for.

Keep the furniture simple yet trendy and clean. The desk, chair, and computer should be positioned to look functional and comfortable, with easy access. Keep the surfaces clutter-free by using the desk drawers, organizers, baskets or other storage systems. Clear counters and minimal furniture can help enhance the size of the home office, making a small room look more spacious than it is.

Natural light is a must, decorative window treatments should not block the light. Remove dark or light blocking drapes. Allow all light in. It will even make the room appear larger. If the office doesn’t have any windows, have a bright, trendy overhead light. Add an additional light sources such as floor lamps or desk lamp.

Filling empty wall space. Artwork will add a nice touch to the office. Keep it simple with pops of color to add life to the room. Remove or minimize diplomas & certificates. These can be too personal, distracting, and clutter up the walls.

Neglecting to put some effort into the office can turn away many potential buyers.

Teresa Costantino is owner and founder of Home Preppers, a home staging company based in New Jersey ( Teresa has spent her career in real estate as a top-producing Realtor, a home stager, and real estate investor. She has a passion for all things real estate and enjoys helping sellers uncover hidden equity and shorten marketing times. She juggles her time between managing her company, being a wife to her husband Mark, and being mom to her 4 children.

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