Pros and Cons of Utilizing Seasonal Design in Home Staging

Not everyone is on the same page regarding seasonal staging, but here are a few key things to consider when deciding if you should (or shouldn’t) utilize seasonal design when staging a home.

Does it fill a need?

Let’s be honest. Not everyone loves to decorate for the holidays. Some people don’t enjoy the process and others would love to do it, but just don’t have the time. But most people DO realize that having holiday decor increases the feeling of “home” that potential buyers want to feel when house hunting. So, yes, it can be a beneficial - and profitable - addition to staging a home.

Why is it necessary to hire a professional?

Another moment of honesty here. It is near impossible to be objective when it comes to our children’s homemade ornaments, the wreath Aunt Sally made for us… and the myriad of other “stuff” that we love and cherish during the holiday season. And this is perfectly acceptable and understood … when you’re not trying to sell your home.

Emotional attachments are too personal for outsiders to create an image of themselves in your home during an open house or private viewing. Having a fresh perspective can make a huge difference in creating the atmosphere you really want when designing a holiday home.

So it IS a good idea?

Maybe not. I know, I know… everything sounded so good up until now. But there is a downside: the photos. Now, yes… having a professional stager use holiday decor will results in awesome photos. BUT…holidays are short-lived. So the day after the holiday, your listing photos will look like old news. The photographs in your listing are the first impression you make on a potential buyer. So this may not be the road you want to take.

So what to do? Let a professional come in and stage the home for your listing photos as usual. You can ask their advice on how to decorate the home for the holidays that will still create that feeling of “home” during holiday time showings. You still benefit from the fresh eye of a professional. You still get the most out of your listing photos. And you can still create that holiday atmosphere when it is appropriate, without sacrificing the first impression of your photos.

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